Saturday, April 17, 2010

two amazing artistic friends

I have some seriously amazing, intriguing, creative, and immensely talented friends.
They inspire me
they motivate me
they teach me
they make me think.
 and i love them for it.

(this is my thinking face)
this is a new friend, Naaman.
a really talented artist.
this is at his show in downtown Spokane.
he often has work showing. if you're into art, you should definitely check it out.

to finish this post, here are two other photos i shot that day that i love.
downtown Spokane.
that big tent-looking thing was built for the world's fair.
nobody really understands it, but at night it is lit up with lights of changing colours.
then it is no longer weird, just beautiful.

if you're here, go downtown sometime and snoop around the art galleries.
there are a ton of amazing shows and pieces and cool people to meet.

more photos soon.

also, the weather is consistently nice
the grass is green
the sun is shining
the blue sky extends to the ends of the earth
sometimes spattered with big white clouds
always beautiful.
if you are in the pacific northwest and interested in a portrait session 
call or email:


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