Tuesday, October 27, 2009


this weekend, my dad and i needed to go to Othello, WA
(it's ok that you've never heard of it)
my grandparents lived in Othello for most of my life
and in (or maybe it was just outside of) Othello, they had a farm.
i spent a lot of time there growing up.
thus assuring my love of farms to this day.
so on our little mini road trip, i snapped some shots.
here are my favorites.

this one's for shaunae- coooooowwws!

not only do i love farms
and my photos of farms.
but i feel these photographs document an important fact to everyone i met on the east coast:
this is the landscape i grew up with-
it is true that i had really never seen that many trees before.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Laura and Aaron

my dear friends, it's about time you meet
and Aaron.

they like each other a lot.

yesterday it was a wonderful fall day, and these two were in town from Seattle.
here is their couples shoot
(note: this is not an engagement shoot)

cute, right?
here's to love, leaves, and laughter,
and fall days that are just the right temperature.
here's to late night cocoa.
to friends and hugs.
here's to Laura and Aaron.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Evan and dragonkitty

meet my friend- nay, my brother:
Evan Michael Thayer.

Evan has gotten me addicted to the game Left 4 Dead.
srsly can't stop playing it.
i would argue that i will play some today even.
in any case, Evan is a wonderful man, one of my very favorites.
and he has the cutest little kitty, mitten.
also known as dragonkitty.
she is the snuggliest, cutest little kitty ever.
and she couldn't love Evs more.
(and vice versa)

the two of them are just adorable.
ok, i'm going to go kill some zombies.
be there soon, ev.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

a baking story.

Something you may or may not know about me.
i love to bake.
that love, coupled with my love of taking photos..
(and, more specifically, my love of taking photos of myself...)
led to the following.
(and some delicious cookies of course)

i hope you enjoy...

Get it together.
make sure you have all the ingredients.
because lets face it, it is ridiculously annoying to get halfway through only to realize you don't have any baking soda or vanilla, or you only have 3/4 cup of brown sugar...
so first.
get it together.
mix it up.
put all those sweet pieces in the bowl
mixin' it up like dj vice
taste test.
make sure that cookie dough tastes delicious.
but not too much- there's raw eggs in there.
put those sweet morsels on a baking sheet
small piles for flat and chewy
bigger scoops for large and fluffy
be careful not to burn yourself, that oven is HOT.
it takes a while. i chose to talk to a bff..

hey shaunae.
whats up, girl.
jus' bakin' some cookies.
you know i be missin' you.
mhmmm. de.lish.
catch you on the flip
(see you on my birthday.)
check it.
those tasty treats are done in about ten minutes
so watch them closely-
burned cookies are no bueno.

aaand done.
take 'em out and put a new batch in, we're on a roll!
pile them up
on a plate after they're cool enough (to hang with you!)

now's the time
to kick it with the cookies.
grab some milk.
i prefer soy milk, but any milk will do.

dip it.

and enjoy!
man those are some delectable edibles.

because you should.
its the nice thing to do.

cassie appreciated the sharing.
don't share too much.
cookies are good.
eat them.

butdon't eat too many cookies.
or this is how you'll spend your evening.


love and cookies to you all.