Tuesday, November 9, 2010

O My Darlin'

ladies and gentlemen

O My Darlin'

they are:





"O My Darlin’ is an Alternative Metal group based out of Spokane, Washington. With the perfect blend of blazing dueling guitar riffs and the knowledge of song structure and sell-ability of their music, O My Darlin’ is making themselves known around the region as “The Fresh Sound” Currently in the process of recording their first self produced album, the band has, rightfully so, entered themselves into the world of the music industry"
i had the most radical time shooting with these guys

they are a hoot
(yes. i just said "hoot")

check out their music.

it was seriously a great time.
can't wait to shoot a live show.
in other news i myself have been doing some jamming with the fantastic Angela Marie and Kat Hall
of the Angela Marie Project.
we have a single, 
35 Seconds.
available for download on cdbaby (http://cdbaby.com/cd/angelamarieproject) 
it can also be found on itunes.
it is seriously rad.
produced by Quinn Tanzer 
(who introduced me to O My Darlin, and is the raddest of rad dudes)
part of proceeds will go to Haiti disaster relief. 
this is a piece inspired by AM's relief work in Haiti 
where upbeat music keeps the spirit alive!
check it out!!

more soon.
soonER this time.