Thursday, November 19, 2009

for your viewing and listening pleasure...

the one and only Pə-ˈrād
live from the Empyrean.

Pə-ˈrād is:


and Greg
you can hear them HERE

what a great night it was.
let's do it again soon.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kissman Wedding!

Not your ordinary bride and groom, not your ordinary wedding.
But still beautiful.
Here are the images:

Here's to the newlywed Kissman's!

next up: the band
Pə-ˈrād. images from their live performance at the Empyrean up soon!


(reminder:all images © kristen Black photography and may not be used without permission)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

on the way to portland..

to visit our very bestest of friends, Jaydn and Lindsow,
Cassie and i stopped at a rest stop because the light was just too beautiful to resist.


cassie is no longer resistant to being photographed,
and is usually willing to do whatever i ask.
what a good little model she's become

i love sunset lighting, even though it produces some funky colors.

i also like experimenting with flare.

our new tree friend.

as we continued southeast toward portland, this sunset sent us on our way.

it was rainy and gloomy in portland, so we didn't get out into the city to shoot.
but it was an absolutely amazing weekend nonetheless.
we'll be back soon,
and mark my words- rain or no we'll go out with the camera.


Monday, November 9, 2009

a chai kind of day

and a wonderful day for some shooting!
how about a headshot session with the fantastic mr. Nik Hoback:

an actor based in Portland, OR.
(i love Portland)

an adventurous, outgoing, giving soul.
(seriously, he scaled buildings, talked to strangers, and paid for my chai. thanks, Nik!)
clearly it was a wonderfully fun shoot.

well dressed, as always.
(i love that shirt)and so, naturally, here's to you mr. Hoback.
you handsome devil, you.

enjoy the last bits of fall.
it feels wintery outside...