Monday, August 31, 2009

New York

i've been a little flaky lately.
but new york has been treating me pretty well.

i am forever indebted to the kindness of miss Sharon Mulready
(pronounced Mul-rEEd-y, not Mul-red-y. she's irish.)
for letting me crash at her place.
aside from the heat making me sweat all day long.
fortunately it has cooled down a bit the past few days.

i am slowly but surely learning to navigate the subway system.
and the weirdos that go along with it.

Drew (weirdo)

clearly i like the stairs.

Williamsburg bridge.
drew and sharon made me walk across...
it. was. terrifying.
but i did it, nonetheless.

this girl was just hanging out waiting across the way.
i liked what i saw.

the sunset is occasionally amazing.
(when this happens, it makes me miss the west coast)
coney island.look for more soon.
especially since the Frass is coming in t minus 5 days.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Fiddling around with some photos the other day.
Here's the result:

These are from the EMP in Seattle. 
Just some abstracts.

in other news, I have an interview on Friday with OUT Magazine. 
I couldn't be more excited.
I have a one- way ticket to NYC and a couch to stay on for a few days thanks to Sharon.
We'll see how it goes.


Monday, August 10, 2009

an orange kind of day

on Saturday, I suppose, as this is what was came out of it:



the sunset:
(the. frass.)

In other news, a few more portrait clients this week. Things are looking up!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Jack Goodwin

This week I had the good fortune of taking Mr. Jack Goodwin's senior portraits.

good guy, Jack. 

Jack smiled until his face hurt. Then pushed through the pain and just kept right on smiling. I couldn't get him to stop. Fortunately, he has an excellent smile. 

We were lucky to have a nice evening to shoot after the 101 degree day in Tri-Cities. We were only sweating until the sun went down.

(Sorry ladies, he has a girlfriend.)

In other news, it has finally cooled off here. 
Good thing, I was reaching my breaking point.
It's even supposed to rain today. 


Sunday, August 2, 2009

reflections reflections!

as you may or may not know, 
i have a personal project.

pictures of myself ...

and consequently, whoever is with me...

in reflective surfaces.

these were taken this weekend in and around the EMP (experience music project)
right by the space needle.

the fam (those who were present) were nice enough to be included in them.
even if it meant looking a bit silly in public.
(kaliene never minds, of course)

thanks, guys.
 (fam members clockwise from top: kB, Rashid, Cassafrass, Claytone, Robsie, Kaliene)
we had to do it.
summer 2009.
winter 2008.
(the origs- its better)

the space needle wanted to be included, too.
and since it was looking so good that day...

and that photo is a throwback to this photo:

in this case i think the second is better.

i love reflections.
i also love seattle.
and the fam, of course.
it will be difficult to return to Spokane.