Friday, August 7, 2009

Jack Goodwin

This week I had the good fortune of taking Mr. Jack Goodwin's senior portraits.

good guy, Jack. 

Jack smiled until his face hurt. Then pushed through the pain and just kept right on smiling. I couldn't get him to stop. Fortunately, he has an excellent smile. 

We were lucky to have a nice evening to shoot after the 101 degree day in Tri-Cities. We were only sweating until the sun went down.

(Sorry ladies, he has a girlfriend.)

In other news, it has finally cooled off here. 
Good thing, I was reaching my breaking point.
It's even supposed to rain today. 



  1. I love the one in the grass.
    And I must say, Kristen, that yours is one of my favorite blogs to follow. I love your pictures, and I like hearing what you're up to. If you're ever in the Puget Sound area, you've got a place to stay. :)