Sunday, May 2, 2010


Lyndsow and I walked outside yesterday
to go get some cheese.
And we were greeted with this sight.
it was incredible.
first of all, i absolutely love rainbows. 
they are arguably my favorite natural phenomenon.
so i had to run upstairs and shoot it.
then we went and got our cheese.
(wisconsin cheddar. yum)
when we got back we glanced out from the balcony and were floored.
the rainbow was back. 
and with a mission.
to be the best damn rainbow this town has ever seen.
it grew and grew until it was a complete rainbow. 
from out on the ground we could see both ends!
and then.
 another rainbow began to appear.
at first we thought our minds and our eyes were playing tricks.
but it just kept growing and getting bigger.

until there were two
it was magical.
a gift.
so thank you, universe
for creating rainbows
for life and friends
for random moments
and happy accidents.
it's the little things.