Tuesday, August 3, 2010


when it comes right down to it,
if i concentrate really hard
with all the positive energy i can muster.
eventually i can occasionally admit..

Spokane isn't so bad.

first of all
good people abound
(as evidenced by previous blog posts)
and second of all, 
it's got some pretty sweet nature going on.
we take advantage of this when we can.

so. jaydn, 
and i went out one day
to find some adventures.
we hiked around a bit
and found huge rocks.
boulders, if you will.
(and i will)
the boys climbed them.
we met a new friend along the way.
jason was his name 
(i think)
we finished the day by relaxing at the river
basking in the sunshine and playing in the water
enjoying the company of good friends.
no complaints here!

in other news,
i guess there is some sort of solar storm happening.
it made the world look incredibly strange yesterday
i hope we can see it here, that looks seriously radical!

also, here's a few self-portraits for your viewing enjoyment:
dig it.

here's to you, jaydn and bird.
to sunshine and nature and laughter and friends.

more soon.