Wednesday, May 27, 2009

phase phour phortpholio reviews.

we have turned in our work, and now wait for our portfolio to appear on stage to be reviewed.
since the school isn't open, we all find ourselves not knowing what to do.
but when it was open, i continued to have fun with photoshop (and stupid pictures of myself)
desirae shot these for me, and i put them together into a pile of awesome.

in other news, it has been nice just being able to hang out. we play a lot of frisbee, i take a lot of walks. and. i got some new shoes.

look for more recent work- after portfolio reviews.


Monday, May 18, 2009

oh, what a weekend.

what a wonderful weekend Shaunae and I had. we checked out some Canon 5D's and a speedlite and went to Northampton for some Starbucks and frisbee.
Being mostly done with our phase phour phinal portpholios, we decided to take a little breaksy on Saturday from the grind (and the IL). here are some shots from the weekend.

it was a welcome break, incredibly relaxing (plus i got Starbucks..)
But on Sunday our model cancelled and we began to stress a little bit.
Fortunately, our good friend Justin pulled through for us and got Chauncey to come out and have his portrait taken.

(i dont know why i'm making that face)

Chauncey longboards.

and he's a great guy, to boot. we had a great time shooting him, but it went by all too fast.

so we all hopped in the convertible, and went out to play.

my assistant Shaunae and i took the backseat. and we made windblown look GOOD.Chauncey the brave showed us what longboarding is all about.

flying down the huge hill on his longboard.
we chased him in the car..all in all, a successful shoot, and an even better day.

here's the final shot:


Friday, May 15, 2009

if only...

getting the iv bag was quite a task, but i have finally finished my conceptual still life.
i feel most of us at this point would benefit from one of these.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

natural light?

meet my new friend Seana, one of my favorite east coasters already. she lives in Springfield. she was gracious enough to let me shoot her today. and by that i mean Seana loves being photographed and was totally willing to sit and look good. i imagine this will not be the last time she is included in my work. in any case, i had almost forgotten what it feels like to just get out and shoot outdoors. and without flash, even. needless to say, it felt amazing. i am READY for summer.

here's to you, Seana.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

two things.

1. my website is up! i worked for what seemed like days straight on it, and it is finally up and looking good.
check it out.

and 2. i found this photo from Johnny and Ben's session and fell in love with it. sexy, romantic, fierce, (and fulfills the couple assignment)

in other news, i have finally started printing on 11x14. once i got started it wasn't so terrible. now if you need to find me, i have made some rockin playlists. i'll be in the imaging lab.


Friday, May 8, 2009

old but not dead.

dug from deep within my hard drive, lay these two old favorites.

the ever so dashing Caleab Etheridge

and the most stunning SaraRenee Murray.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i love the 80's!

And I also love Brianna!!!

maybe add some lights and music..

a few rough edits from the shoot today. i may or may not try again, but not until after we go dancing.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Meet my dear friend,

Berni Maxwell.

One of the best men you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. As of late, Berni has been jetsetting around the world to places such as Dubai, India, Thailand, Yemen, Singapore, London, etc. and he came to Greenfield MA just to visit me, and I couldn't be happier he's here. (He was my homecoming date in high school. cute, right?)