Monday, May 18, 2009

oh, what a weekend.

what a wonderful weekend Shaunae and I had. we checked out some Canon 5D's and a speedlite and went to Northampton for some Starbucks and frisbee.
Being mostly done with our phase phour phinal portpholios, we decided to take a little breaksy on Saturday from the grind (and the IL). here are some shots from the weekend.

it was a welcome break, incredibly relaxing (plus i got Starbucks..)
But on Sunday our model cancelled and we began to stress a little bit.
Fortunately, our good friend Justin pulled through for us and got Chauncey to come out and have his portrait taken.

(i dont know why i'm making that face)

Chauncey longboards.

and he's a great guy, to boot. we had a great time shooting him, but it went by all too fast.

so we all hopped in the convertible, and went out to play.

my assistant Shaunae and i took the backseat. and we made windblown look GOOD.Chauncey the brave showed us what longboarding is all about.

flying down the huge hill on his longboard.
we chased him in the car..all in all, a successful shoot, and an even better day.

here's the final shot:


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