Monday, August 31, 2009

New York

i've been a little flaky lately.
but new york has been treating me pretty well.

i am forever indebted to the kindness of miss Sharon Mulready
(pronounced Mul-rEEd-y, not Mul-red-y. she's irish.)
for letting me crash at her place.
aside from the heat making me sweat all day long.
fortunately it has cooled down a bit the past few days.

i am slowly but surely learning to navigate the subway system.
and the weirdos that go along with it.

Drew (weirdo)

clearly i like the stairs.

Williamsburg bridge.
drew and sharon made me walk across...
it. was. terrifying.
but i did it, nonetheless.

this girl was just hanging out waiting across the way.
i liked what i saw.

the sunset is occasionally amazing.
(when this happens, it makes me miss the west coast)
coney island.look for more soon.
especially since the Frass is coming in t minus 5 days.


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