Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lands Council Auction 2010

This past weekend I was asked to shoot the Lands Council fundraising auction,
thanks to an invite from Amanda Parrish, who works for the Lands Council
(and who i got to spend the evening with)
And it was a really good time.
here are some shots I dig from the night.
(Amanda on the right)
(this guys face is priceless)
and my friends Tyler and Kelsey were there!
with the Corner Booth Media guys!
They're who i worked with on the book cover shoot.
i had the privilege of  sitting at their table for dinner, too. 
what a time we had.
i can't get enough of them, they seriously rock

It was really well attended, and they raised a ton of money
There was a delicious meal and good wine
tons of donated items
and wonderful people.
overall it was a huge success.

today it is ridiculously sunny and warm.
i'm heading to the lake with some friends.
photos to come.
get out and enjoy the sunshine!


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