Friday, April 9, 2010

Terrible Buttons with pə-ˈrād and sara jackson-holman!

played at the Empyrean on Wednesday
and you know i was there!
it was a pretty bitchin show.
first up, pə-ˈrād:
 if you dont remember pə-ˈrād,
first of all, check them out here.
secondly they are:
and spencer.
they rock. 
you HAVE to listen to this girl
a voice like none other
(actually, a little bit like Holly Miranda, a personal favorite of mine)
but seriously.
aaaaaand finally.
the Terrible Buttons lit that place up

not only was it a totally kickass show
the afterparty was epic indeed.
ryan brown and i hugged twenty-two times. 
(at least) 
it was amazaoung.
i love hugs.
and also ryan brown.
and the buttons.
and live music.
and afterparties.
and friends.
and photos.
and did i mention hugs?

tomorrow i'm shooting an event for the Lands Council
it should be a good time.
new photos soon.
in the meantime, 
check out these bands.
for realsies.


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