Friday, April 23, 2010


here they are!
league champions
it was such a great season, i went to as many games as i could
(even got kicked out of one- i'm...pretty loud. only for these guys!)
there are tons of photos, so i'll let them tell most of the story.
(click them to see them larger, guys)
this last game was seriously epic.
(by the way, this is the team brother kris and brother mark play for.
mark is on goal, kris is number 29)
girl player!!! 
(her name is candace. but she doesn't mind that we call her girl player.)
they were down 6-2 when the second period started
they didn't let it get them down, just increased the intensity
jaydn and i brought drums and they got pumped up
they fought hard and kept their heads high and played the game they love
kris is a freaking angel on the ice.
watching him skate is one of my favorite past times.
but watching all of them skate 
and play as a team
is freaking sweet.
 (brother kris)
check out that shot above-bringin' it back!
hell yeah!
you can see the puck in the upper left corner of the net there.
it's alright, mark
after about halfway through the second period nothing got by him!
another goal scored!
to tie the game!!
brother kris juuuuust snagging that puck from the other team like it ain't no thang
 it was an epic end to an amazing season.
i'm going to miss the games
and the locker room afterward
(but not the smell.. gross, boys)

so CONGRATS guys, you earned your victory
(and that sweet trophy!)
here's to all of you. 
i'll see you next season.


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