Sunday, January 3, 2010


maybe i've been playing left 4 dead a bit too much..
and maybe aden getting left 4 dead II played a part..
maybe i've been watching too many movies..
maybe i just like practicing and honing my skills...
maybe it's the weather..
or spending too much time inside..
but whatever the reason may be,
here's what i did yesterday.

i have no idea when or why i started,
just that when evan called and asked what i was doing...
"i'm making myself into a zombie"
"...umm ...oook. see you in a few?"
"yeah. be there soon."
being as SR and i already look like crazy homeless people (ok, maybe just me)
i suppose it wasn't too terribly difficult.
and it was definitely fun.
and new.
also, i did not take this photo, the beautiful and talented Shaunae! did.
in the pool area of a hotel in greenfield massachusetts.

this photo did not make me miss hallmark
or indoor flash assignments..
but it did make me miss my friends.
and a few choice professors.
(shoutout to shep and joanzibar)
ok, ok, i miss most of them.
and phase one section B hell yeah. (it was B, right?)
yeah i'm sure it was B.
and shooting with the mamiya.
and my roommates, chars and kristen
kylene and shaunae
sr and indi and eidelman and nonni
the boys (and girls) upstairs
caleab and sharon and drew and des and ashley and maxie
snow days spent cozy inside
or outside shooting and freezing.
trips to the beach and hotel rooms
jess and kylene and ritchee and cougsie
portrait studio dance parties
parties at the blue house.
the voo
or better yet- the pint
tj and kevvypants and kristi and emily
trips to the noho starbucks
(knocking coffee out of the hand of anybody who went to dunkin donuts that morning)
new york city
the vegetarian restaurant
wandering about main street
zide's wedding lectures
hribar and zack and katy and bobe
sliding down the stair rail
late nights in the il
obama blend and a pumpkin maple vegan whole wheat muffin
aaand the people at second street, duh.
all my straight girls
and everybody else, you've all changed my life.
monologues about the west coast to anybody who's never been there
everybody's birthday
playlists and days in the secret room
those were the days.
well... those were days, at least.
in any case, today is a new day.
a fresh start
a new opportunity
maybe a surprise will be in store.
maybe i'll make that surprise myself.

here's to SR for not getting mad that i made her into a zombie and then posted it on facebook. and to the entire hallmark class of 2009. hell yeah. i miss you guys.


  1. mad? no way! i look awesome as a zombie! \
    thanks for the makeover.

  2. awesome photo to all you women anddd great post, definitely made me smile!