Tuesday, January 12, 2010

rainy days and coffee dates

today i had the privilege of meeting with the ever-so-handsome Ben Bonnema. Ben is an old and dear friend of mine from Whitworth.

even though it was a bit rainy outside, he was up for doing some shooting.
so, we ventured outside and immediately came across the fire escape outside of Arend hall

we had a wonderful time catching up and shooting
and through
the fire escape.

he has excellent taste in music
a great sense of humour
and always looks good.

Ben is a man of outstanding character.
an advocate and a fighter
passionate and informed
(this is our civil rights battle)

ambitious and driven
adventurous yet easy-going
enthusiastic, sensitive, and a talented actor and musician.
and. he has a winning smile and captivating, sparkling eyes
and the biggest heart one could ask for.

unfortunately, our shooting time was cut short, as he had to go change for water aerobics
(for some reason, he wouldn't let me follow)

so here's to you, Ben
i'm glad to know you

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