Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my beautiful friends

Amandow and Kaliene.
we had a bit of an adventuring day yesterday.
i would argue a mini-adventuring day.
value village, groceries, manito park..
it was a good day
to say the least.

fortunately for me, not only are my friends wonderful
totally down,
fashion forward,
and creative.
but also beautiful.
and willing to be photographed.

thus resulting in some pretty fantastic opportunities for me to get out and shoot
(someone other than myself)

love this coat, amandow.

my favorite shot from the day:

in other news, it seems snow may be upon us.
fortunately it's not as bad as what i'm hearing from across the country,
so i can't complain too much.
plus, that means ice skating on frozen lakes
warm handmade blankets
and cross country skiing are in my immediate future.
here's to you amandow and kaliene, and to making the best of winter.


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