Monday, December 28, 2009

long time no...

sorry about that friends.
but here i am now.
so lets get to it.
first, a few self portraits.

in the park by my parents house.

grandmaou's house.
this window always has beautiful light, i love it.
and this chair, too.
playing with myself.
(raouket laouncher familow portrait?)

kitchen floor.

i hope your holidays were wonderful.
and continue to be, as the new year approaches.
enjoy the break, if you have one.
i know i have been.
kickin it with my friends, taking photos, adventuring,
saw some family, and got to see some dear old friends..
the one and only Kelsey Kelmel.
Kelsey lives in Ohio, attending Otterbein studying vocal performance.
Kelsey has a beautiful voice.
a beautiful smile.
and an even more beautiful heart.

here's to you, Kelsey.
in closing, i leave you with this.
i know, right?

oh well.
it keeps trying to snow.
maybe i'll get out and take some photos before it gets too crazy.
more soon.

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