Friday, October 9, 2009

Senior portrait session: Ben

Meet Ben. He's a junior at Hanford High School- my alma mater.
Ben and I had an amazing time shooting down by (and in) the Columbia River.

A laid back guy with a great big grin and an even bigger sense of adventure.

We bonded over being in band (yes, I'm a nerd), jazz, the sousaphone, and choosing a college. He's thinking about Eastern, and studying psychology (one pretty dope subject if you ask me) and music, naturally.

It was a wonderful sunny day, with occasional clouds, making it prime for shooting outdoors.
Ben and I climbed trees, scaled dirt cliffs, hung out on the dock, were almost attacked by geese, and played in the water.
a pretty typical day for me back in high school...

Ben also runs cross-country.
...I did not.
not even a little bit.
But I did learn that Mr. Mars is still the coach, still the psychology teacher at HHS, and still a killer guy to boot.

All in all, it was a great day, and a successful shoot.
so here's to you, Ben.
Thanks for a great day.


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