Thursday, October 1, 2009

aaand just a few more from nyc.

hey friends.
it's fall outside sometimes now.
i love fall.
soon i will have some newer photos up.
maybe even some fall-esque photos.
but for now, a few more from nyc
(you can see why i didnt just post them all at once- once i started shooting, i just couldn't stop)

above: frass and i in times square.
just being tourists.
or rather, trying to avoid them.

and the brooklyn bridge.

cassie and i walked across it..
it was terrifying.
something you may or may not know about me-
i really hate bridges.
they just freak me out.
and they're usually so high.
you're just suspended, trusting this old man-made structure to hold you up
over massive bodies of water
or traffic

in any case, its a wonderful view of both manhattan and brooklyn
this is manhattan:

this is the manhattan bridge:

also manhattan:

aaand the statch in the distance there


and finally, just for mom
(and because cassie, sharon, and ashley just LOVE this hat)
this is not on the brooklyn bridge, but rather, on the subway.
i believe it was the f-train.

hope all is well.
also, i'm thinking of switching my blog over to wordpress...
or some other blog hosting thingy.
i'm doing some experimenting.
so if anybody has any suggestions, i'm open.


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