Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Corner Booth Media!

one of my favorite clients ever!
i had the privilege to shot for their new website a few weeks ago.
in order to not spoil anything, 
for now i'm just posting some headshots of the folks down at CBM.






i absolutely adore these guys. 
both working with them and straight kickin' it with them.
i can't wait for the launch party- which is tomorrow!
more photos soon, of course!
(including, but not limited to the website shots...
and definitely some headshot session outtakes. because they're hilarious of course)

in the meantime, enjoy the fall weather- bundle up, its getting cold out there!
i will be enjoying my piping hot americano.
thank you starbucks.


1 comment:

  1. kristen,

    you're photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them... hurray for cameras and beautiful people.