Friday, July 16, 2010


its my favorite city on earth. 
and i recently spent a weekend there with some of my favorite people on earth. 
they are:
kaliene, of course.
claytone, naturally.
sister robsy.
the beach.
(it has personality and presence. thus, i feel confident in referring to it as a person)
and last but not least,
the ever so stunning
who i will now dedicate the next part of this blog post to
as i have a ton of photos of her that i have yet to share here.
so here goes.
michelle is one seriously amazing woman.
she laughs easily and often.
and is, on occasion, pretty funny herself.
caring, kind, passionate, driven
easy to talk to
a great listener
can also party.
she's really something.
you should all be so lucky as to kick it with her.

the trip to Seattle (the greatest city on earth) was awesome.
i didn't take a huge amount of photos, as most of my time was spent catching up with my best friend.
but next time, look out followers, we're gonna go nuts.
i always love it there
and i always, always love to see kaliene.
i will be back soon.

in other news, my photos for the Every Woman Can campaign can be seen in the Safeway stores (this is a grocery store for all you east coasters) in Spokane on pretty large posters. 
it's exciting, i love it.
so if you're in Spo-town and go to safeway, make sure you send me a photo.
because that's pretty bitchin.

it's hot here.
really hot.
occasionally not hot.
but then super hot once more.
i hope you all are enjoying the weather wherever you are, hot or cold or anywhere in between.
get outside and play
it's summertime after all!

so here's to kaliene and the rest of the upside-down 5 crew (claytone and robsy, not to forget pooches bobby and spanky). you make my heart smile.
here's to the city of seattle, photos, roadtrips and friends.
and here's to you, michelle.

more soon, i've been slacking.
i'm on it.


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