Sunday, March 21, 2010

more bostaoun!

and consequently
more photos from the subway!

this is me.
kickin it in starbucks
drying off from the rain
and looking good.

i think i like the Boston trains better than NYC
it could just be because theyre different.
maybe because boston doesnt smell as bad
and maybe because there are only four lines to navigate
in any case a subway is a subway is a subway
and i love them.

plus, all the different stops look different.
and i love the colours.
the red line has red bricks and decor
the blue has blue,
green is all greened out
and the orange, too, duh.
and when there are two trains the colours merge in the stations
i think its neat.

see what i mean?!
i love it.

walking up and getting ridiculously close to random objects warrants some strange looks.
i am often approached by security.
but still walk away with some cool shots.
like this killer fan.


this shot feels creepy and asylum-y to me.

st patricks day is apparently a big deal around Boston.
something to do with the Irish, i suppose.
in any case, this guy was DRAOUNK
but very friendly and nice.
he was fascinated that i was from the other side of the country
and he realllllllly wanted me to take his photo.
so i did.
"this is what a boston boy looks like. bostoooooon! yeah, boston boys!"
he yelled, in his thick "accent"

then his friend, who had been drunkenly wandering about yelling...
something about... something.
i have no idea, the accent plus the booze..
he was just really excited about life it seems.
in any case he ha been following me as i stalked around earlier
and wanted in on this little photo sesh.
neither one of them understood why i was getting so close to them.
i tried to explain that it was a fisheye lens..
to no avail.
they simply didn't get it.
they probably just think i'm weird.
actually, they probably don't even remember this happening.
i mean, they were sauced.

i think Boston accents are hilarious.
they can't say the letter R.
over here, we call that a speech impediment
we put you in speech therapy for years to correct this problem over here
they just call it an accent.
i can barely understand some of them.

also while stalking through the subways
and riding the entire length of all the lines
i was people watching.
one of my favorite activities
especially in crowded places.
not only are their behaviours wonderful to watch
parents and children
old and young and in between
hipsters and cowboys and skinheads and businessmen...

i love people.
we're all so different
different shapes and sizes
and voices and opinions
styles and preferences
i love it
i love it all
humans are fascinating.
myself included.

these next few are for you, shaunae:

love these shoes.
love my big awkward feet.
love my toooooes.


man i just LOVE subway stairs!

boston, i will miss you
but i'll come back soon.
sister needs to head back west.

in other news, yay health care!


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