Thursday, March 4, 2010

celebratiaoun de bronsaoun!

Monday was Kati Bronsaouns birthday.
Kati is one of my newest,
and also one of my very best friends.

beautiful inside and out
not to mention ridiculously funny
down to straight kick it and be chill
or party hard and go crazy.
dedicated and fiercely loyal
she is loved deeply by those who know her.

being as it has been so nice outside
we went for a picnic.
it. was. wonderful.

we made kati this hat.
and she wore it like a champ.
all day.. and into the night.

what a wonderful outing.
i love finch arboretum.
(the site of said sunshine picnaouc)

hours and hours later we had had our fill of sammies, cupcakes, and vitamin D.
so we jaunted off to dinner with her mom
(desirae took this photo)and then.
it got crazy.

welcome to the party.

thanks to everyone who made the night epic.
here's to you, kati bronsaoun.
we love you.


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