Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bostaoun! (part I)

this is me.
(lookin good, as per ushe)

as you may or may not know, i am currently kickin it on the east coast.
i dont mind it so much
(so long as i stay away from western mass and sunny salem, nh..)
i got to dance really hard (in a cage to beyonce, aden!)
i got to see ashley elizabeth hardiman
(i hope to see melissa robin.)
and most importantly,
i got to hang out in/on/around....
the subway system.

first of all, i love the subway.
maybe its because i grew up in a small town with barely a bus system.
maybe its because i love to watch people.
maybe its because i hate driving.
maybe its because i like to be able to turn my mind off and just listen to my jams.
maybe its because i love feeling like i'm never going to make it on or off the train car before the doors close and take off my hand.
maybe its because it seems so confusing but is in actuality just so simple.
maybe its because every stop is so different.
but whatever the reason, i love the subway.

more specifically,
i. love. subway. stairs.
i love them.
i cant get enough of them.

i have no stinking clue.
but i have some sort of deep obsession with shooting them.
so i do.
and i always will.

so the first (full) day here
(in bostaoun, if you'll recall)
i had about 8 or so hours to myself to kill.
so into the heart of the city i went.
even though it was raining.
and i mean RAINAOUNG.
cats and dowgs and puppykitties juuuuuuust freaking raining.
i thought it would be ok.
'its not so bad,' i told myself.
'the rain will let up,' i thought.
'its just a little water...'
oh no. a little water?
the rain will let up?
not so bad?
it was not just a little water.
and it certainly did not let up.
i wandered the streets for about ten minutes
fifteen, max.
and i was soaked all the way through.
through my shoes and my socks
my pants and my hat.
my backpack.
even through my coat and sweater.
it was un.believable.
rain like you wouldnt believe.

hard as i tried, i just couldn't hack it.
(and also, i really didnt want to fall ill)
so, after a couple hours drying off in a starbucks
(with a magazine, a copy of the times, and a tall white mocha with soy americano of course)
i decided the rest of my day would be spent underground.
stalking around the subway system.
(and a post to come, so as to not overwhelm my faithful followers with oh so many shots of subwaou stairs)
is the result of approximately 6 hours spent underground.
with 50 cent starbo refills
sunnies and kick-ass playlists
a charlie card
wet shoes
and a fisheye lens.

(it is true that if i'm not in WA, i get excited when something says Washington. street signs, train stops, store names, etc. i love my state)

check out this rainbow tunnel!
yes, i ran back and forth through this as fast as i could
just to see the colours go by.



escalators count, too.
because i said they do.
and lets face it,
most of the time they're not working anyway
making them, technically, stairs.

you bet your ass i slid down this one.
(and...most of them, really)
i do love sliding down stair rails.

oh, and this (among a few others) is on repeat: LISTEN

(missing the laounchers and the west coast, but i'll be back soon)

ok that's enough for today.
i hope you have thoroughly enjoyed these.
look for more soon, duh.
(probably tomorrow)
in the meantime, i'm going to go out into the sunshine.
it seems it has come back from vacation, and i'm going to welcome it
with open arms
and shorter pants.


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