Monday, January 25, 2010

Terrible Buttons


the other night (friday?) i had the pleasure of shooting the one and only
Terrible Buttons
they were asked to play for the US national ice skating championships
it was a good show.
albeit a little bit freezaoung.
and really dark outside.
however, i love listening to them and kickin it with them
so all in all, a good time.
here are some shots from the night:

if you're going to be in Spokane on wednesday night, they'll be playing at the Empyrean
so check them out eh!?
i know i'll be there
oh yeah, and the Empyrean has moved locations (really quickly..) to the (old) Big Dipper.
it's downtown.
i think near sprague and washington
or maybe that's just Irv's...
just google it.
here, i did it for you (empyreans new locashe via their fb page)
look for some sweet new shots soon (probably tomorrow)
in other news, it snowed today, but it didn't stick around long.
i'm not upset about it.
at all.
have a great day, all.

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