Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ladies and gentlemen...

my dear friend and brother, Drew Macabe Dolan.
one of my favorite people to try a new restaurant with,
adventure with,
shoot with,
relax with,
watch unheard of movies on youtube with (el topo...),
laugh with,
have a drink with,
take a road trip with,
has excellent taste in music.
fabulous photographer.
great mood-lifter.
always positive and encouraging.
honest and hard-working.
and always looks good.

(guest appearance by Caleab in that one)

one of the best men you'll ever meet,
Drew M. Dolan.

basically, i found these photos on my hard drive.
and since i miss drew, i'm putting them here.
so here's to you.
Hope you're well in NYC, I'll be back soon.

something new is brewing.
be ready.


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