Monday, July 20, 2009

summer sunsets and pretty girls.

The west coast has better sunsets than the east coast. 

Case in point:

These are the views that awaited me as I went to get the mail the other day. 
Beat that, Massawhosetts.
(not a sunset, or a pretty girl.. this is on the Columbia River, my favorite place.)


Cheney, WA. Home to Eastern Washington University, sprawling fields, endless blue skies, a bunch of bored kids, and one beautiful girl..   

miss Cassie Shanholtzer. 
(dont worry about that last name... just call her cassafrass)
Thanks to Cassie, I now have an addiction to American Dad. (you should watch it. it's no South Park.. but it's pretty funny.)

enough said.

I'm getting a speedlite on Weds for my Mark II... I could be more excited- wait, no. I couldn't be more stoked. I told Casey Baird I would take his portrait (again) once I got it. He is also hyped, its exciting. I'm telling you... men like Casey dont come around often. 


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  1. it helps photographing pretty girls if there is a pretty photographer.