Friday, July 31, 2009

emerald city.

weekend trip.

 cassie and i are on a trip. a little weekend getaway.
taking a little vacay.
spokane to seattle.
(heat plus rush hour equals  no bueno)

but so worth it.
we went to the beach.

we played at gasworks park.

meet claytone. 
a wonderful man indeed.
a dreamer
a creator
a wonderful friend

he needs socks, though.
if you've any to spare.

also meet Rashid.
from Uzbekistan.
loves the emerald city.
thick Uzbek accent, that we all love

amazing artist
excellent cook
dear friend
and of course,
my best friend,
Kaliene Denei Roth.

life is good in the emerald city. 
i hope to see clintsy, whom i miss.
it is cooler here than in spokane, and even if it wasn't, 
it's still seattle
and i love it.


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