Monday, June 15, 2009

my mentor,

and quite the handsome little devil I might add: the fabulous Mr. Paul Teeling.

A badass photog with some seriously fly dance moves.
A kind soul who lifts even the darkest of spirits.
A believer.
Brutally honest, yet tactful.
A smile that lights up any room, and killer fashion sense (I mean, check that Valentino shirt)

A reason to go to class.
Always up for conversation.
A voice even more soothing than Joan's.
Digs through my Lightroom Catalog without judgment.
What will this girl do without him?

thanks, Paul.



  1. I'm going to miss all of them way too much.
    I love the last one; he looks like such a rockstar.

  2. I really like this Kristen : )