Sunday, March 1, 2009

vamos a la playa

This weekend Nicole and I ventured to Salem, New Hampshire. Nothing like Salem, Oregon- and that is fact. For one thing, it's much nearer to the beach- which is exactly where we went.

It was cold at the beach. Which I suppose should be expected in February.
Eric joined us.

And along the way, we also found Des!

Who had brought Lando with her.

After we were too cold to go on, we went to Fast Eddie's Diner. Which I think is hilarious, because Fast Eddie's is a pretty trashy bar in Spokane. In any case, the food was delightful.

Plus we sat by a mirror-which you KNOW made us all happy. And naturally, we took pictures of ourselves in them.

Unfortunately, our trip was cut short because of a snowstorm. But not before we got the chance to straight up chill in sunny Salem New Hampshire.

This week I need to continue to work on my personal submissions for Phase 3. If anybody has any good ideas, shout me a holla.


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